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It's Just Energy. Everything Has Energy.

When I first started training in Reiki I kept asking myself (and anyone else who knew Reiki), “How does this work?” I knew that it worked because it healed me but how does it work? You may have asked that question yourself. One day another Level 2-trained woman who happens to be a scientist said to me, “It’s just energy. Everything has energy.”

I sat back and just breathed for a moment. How about that! That makes sense. Some people think of Reiki as a spiritual practice. Some people look at it as a healing modality but not sure what it is. It can be both of those things but I look at it on a scientific level also.

My background as a personal trainer looks at the human body as a machine in a sense. You move this way and this muscle is worked. Tiny tears in the muscle repair with thicker and stronger fibers and the muscle builds. Science.

With that said, I looked at Reiki differently and it started to flow. Everything has energy…feelings…injuries…life events…people we come into contact with…nature. Energy is a property that can be transferred and changed, but never created or destroyed. Because we are energetic beings, we sometimes absorb these other energies or new energies associated with these events. The energy we take on can sit in our cells causing us more problems and block energy from flowing freely.

As a Reiki Master I have been trained to recognize these energies. My job is to release energy that is not serving my client and bring in “Life Force Energy”…the good stuff. It’s a collaborative effort. It happens best when the client is open and ready to let go of these energies. They tend to surface in layers and we let them go. I hear often, “I feel so much lighter”.

A side note: There is a wonderfully educational series on National Geographic called "One Strange Rock". This may offer a better understanding of our energetic connection to Earth and its atmosphere. It's worth the time to check it out.

The beauty of energy work is that it can be in person or at a distance. Remember…it’s all energy. Focus on the energy and there is a connection. Some of my most profound sessions have been through Zoom and over the phone.

If you’ve been curious about Reiki and have been a little tentative, a distance session may be right for you. You can be in the comfort of your own home and we can connect and let the healing begin. Give it a try. You could feel lighter too! It would by an honor to serve you.

Christina Duncan is the Founder and President of Sun and Moon Organics, LLC, a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing, and a 21-year certified personal trainer based in Centreville, DE.