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How are your children?

I am seriously asking this question. How are your children?

When I was 9 years old my father lost his job. That was the starting point of our long family history of being on and off welfare until the day I moved out on my own. I was told things would get better and they did not. I heard my mother say that she didn’t know where our next meal was coming from. Why am I telling you this very personal story? That event subconsciously stayed with me for decades. There was a point that I was diagnosed with anxiety about the future. I have always been a highly-functioning person but the anxiety was something I coped with every day until it took me to a physical bottom and I finally was forced to heal or be sick indefinitely. The healing process is what brought that singular event out of my subconscious and removed it from my life.

So I am asking, how are your children during this time of quarantine? Are they reflective? Do they ask questions about why they are quarantined? Are they sleeping? Have their eating habits changed? Are they withdrawn or quieter than usual? It’s so important to pay attention to these things and address them without delay. Are you discussing with other adults your concerns or fears about this thing called a virus in front of your children? I always hear from parents that kids are sponges and they soak up everything we say and do. They already know that they are not allowed to be near their friends and loved ones who do not live with them. I cannot tell you what to say. There are child development and parenting experts who can tell you that. What I do know is that if their concerns are not addressed, they could have a lifetime of anxiety and worry just like I did.

I recently worked with a very kind 11-year-old boy who had insomnia. We sat together with his mom and I asked him if anything had been on his mind that would keep him awake. He said no and that he just was not

sleeping well. I asked in a different way if anything was worrying him and he said no. He was so soft spoken and gentle. As I started our Reiki session it became clear to me that he felt that he was responsible for keeping his mom and older sister happy since his parents divorced. He felt he needed to protect them. In that session, we released that responsibility and “brushed it away”. Mom tells me that he is sleeping now and “doing great”. He’s back to his funny self. I could not be happier for him. His mom was aware enough to know that he wasn’t himself and felt that I could help him. I applaud her for reaching out for help.

What if my parents were aware of my being more quiet and not smiling? What if another adult saw that I was more shy and distracted than I had been? Imagine how I could have thrived if I had released the fear I had developed while I was a young child.

So I ask again…How are your children? I hope that they are at peace and feel safe. If they are not, please reach out and get them some help.

Christina Duncan

Founder and President, Sun and Moon Organics, LLC

Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

VoiceBio Practitioner